Chempionat Respubliki Buryatiya from handgun and karabina 9*19, g. Ulan-Ude SSK 'Vystrel' st. Zherdeva 1v. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Championship Respubliki Buryatiya from handgun and karabina 9*19

Level II. Handgun, SSK "Vystrel" st. Zherdeva 1v, g. Ulan-Ude, Russia

Match dates: from 08.12.2018 to 08.12.2018
Number of stages: 5
Minimum rounds: 110
Number of squads: 2
Shooters per squad: 35
Participation fee: 1000 rb
Ammo cost at the range: 25 rb
Match arranged by: Federatsiya prakticheskoy strelby Buryatii
Match director: Kozlitin VV
RM: Tuluev SYu
SO: Tsyrenov AG, Badeev AV
QM: Popov AL
Stages design: Ottens AG
Contacts: , 89025 64 36 88 89021 66 14 41

Registration: pay on arrival.
Registration deadline: 08.12.2018

Match finished 08.12.2018

match results

Squad 1

Ottens A.G. (RU, production/minor)

Novikov Yu.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Tuluev S.Yu. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Gubko S.O. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Tsyrenov A.G. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Stepanov A.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Naumov A.G. (RU, production/minor)

Angapov A.G. (RU, production/minor)

Gusevskiy K.P. (RU, production/minor)

Yudashkin M.S. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Yugrashin V.A. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Sidenov V.S. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Tsybikov S.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Boldyrev V.E. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Garmaev S.O. (RU, production/minor)

Krasikov A.N. (RU, production/minor)

Zayganov V.A. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Sinitsyn M.N. (RU, production/minor)

Kazarikin S.A. (RU, production/minor)

Efimov V.V. (RU, production/minor)

Pikhaev I.I. (RU, production/minor)

Shcheglovskiy A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Lubsanova Ya.D. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Lubsanov D.M. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Bilous and.v. (RU, production/minor)

Squad 2

Rasputin E.I. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Kukhterin V.A. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Kazey P.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Belov V.Ya. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Populov P.P. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Boyarov E.I. (RU, production/minor)

Chaykin A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Shlyenskiy A.B. (RU, production/minor)

Blinov A.V. (RU, classic/minor)

Yudin Yu.L. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Popov A.L. (RU, production/minor)

Grebennikov K.M. (RU, production/minor)

Pleshkov O.V. (RU, production/minor)

Teregulov K.A. (RU, production/minor)

Borkhonov V.A. (RU, classic/minor)

Savelev E.F. (RU, classic/minor)

Elubaev S.E. (RU, production/minor)

Sukheev S.N. (RU, production/minor)

Badaev O.V. (RU, production/minor)

Dorzhiev B.I. (RU, classic/minor)

Golubev I.S. (RU, production/minor)

Voloshin M.V. (RU, production/minor)

Oshchepkov N.I. (RU, classic/minor)

Volosova L.M. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Sambyalov E.S. (RU, production/minor)

Usach S.N. (RU, production/minor)

Vasilev V.A. (RU, production/minor)

Waiting list

Yaresko A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Malkov M.I. (RU, production/minor)

Popova N.N. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Vanyev D.Yu. (RU, production/minor)

Rashev M.B. (RU, production/minor)

Bareysha O.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Kozlitin V.V. (RU, production/minor)

Kovalenko A.S. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Kolobashkin A.P. (RU, production/minor)

Tsykhanvey S.A. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

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