Cup ZBROYaR 3-y match NOYaBR Rifle, . Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Cup ZBROYaR 3-y match NOYaBR Rifle

Level I. Rifle, Ukraine

Match dates: from 19.11.2016 to 20.11.2016
Number of squads: 8
Shooters per squad: 6
Match arranged by: Klub TRIGAN
Contacts: , 0935550110
Match webpage:

Registration: shooter can choose any squad with empty slots, but slot reservation will be done only after request approval from match organizers.
Registration deadline: 20.11.2016

Match finished 20.11.2016

Match description

1 squad 8:00-11:00
2 squad 11:00-14:00
3 squad 14:00-17:00

4 squad 8:00-11:00
5 squad 11:00-14:00
6 squad 14:00-17:00

7 squad 10:00-13:00
8 squad 13:00-16:00

Squad 1

Fomenko A. (UA, standard semi-auto/minor)

Sharko V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Chepela I. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Litovchenko O.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Zhidkov S.S. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Vasylenko M. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Squad 2

Moskalenko O.A. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Milyukov A. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Razumnyy A.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Kalenyk I. (UA, standard semi-auto/minor)

Gromov S.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Fedorchuk A.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Shaydovskiy E.D. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Squad 3

Lebedev V. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Savahirov O. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Dudnyk A.S. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Kuznetsov S. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Omelianenko D. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Sivtsov N. (UA, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Squad 4

Martynenko R.N. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Pilipenko D.L. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Kovalchuk A. (UA, standard semi-auto/minor)

Nurgudin R. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Spiridonov A. (UA, standard semi-auto/major)

Spiridonov E. (UA, open kalashnikov/minor)

Kravz A. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Squad 5

Reznychenko V. (, standard kalashnikov/minor)

Vasin V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Pysarev O.S. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Gonya K.M. (UA, standard semi-auto/minor)

Victor V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Squad 6

Squad 7

Squad 8

Waiting list

Koval V.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Karagan A.V. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

Solenyy V.N. (UA, open semi-auto/minor)

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