League BFPS to ruzhyu, 2 y etap, Smolevichand Place pristrelki 'Kamenka'. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

League BFPS to ruzhyu, 2 y etap

Level I. Shotgun, Place pristrelki "Kamenka", Smolevichand, Belarus

Match dates: from 26.05.2019 to 26.05.2019
Number of stages: 8
Minimum rounds: 130
Number of squads: 4
Shooters per squad: 10
Match arranged by: OO "Belorusskaya federatsiya prakticheskoy strelby"
Match director: Chvyrov Evgeniy
RM: Shabaylov Evgeniy
SO: Narkevich Eduard
Stages design: Chvyrov Evgeniy, Shabaylov Evgeniy
Contacts: , +375296862779 Evgeniy, +375293026191 Eduard
Match webpage: http://www.bfps.by
Registration deadline: 26.05.2019


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