Open Cup Respubliki Belarus to ruzhyu., Smolevichand Place pristrelki 'Kamenka'. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Open Cup Respubliki Belarus to ruzhyu.

Level III. Shotgun, Place pristrelki "Kamenka", Smolevichand, Belarus

Match dates: from 13.05.2017 to 13.05.2017
Number of stages: 14
Minimum rounds: 200
Number of squads: 5
Shooters per squad: 20
Match arranged by: OO "Belorusskaya federatsiya prakticheskoy strelby"
Match director: Evgeniy Lovtsov
RM: Shabaylov Evgeniy
SO: Narkevich Eduard
Stages design: Evgeniy Lovtsov
Contacts: , +375291132027
Match webpage:
Match invitation

Registration: pay on arrival.
Registration deadline: 10.05.2017

Match finished 13.05.2017

match results

Match description

Match schedule:
Start registratsii: 09:00
Draw: 10:00

1 squad - 1 uprazhnenie
2 squad - 3 uprazhnenie
3 squad - 5 uprazhnenie
4 squad - 7 uprazhnenie
5 squad - 8 uprazhnenie


Squad 1

Matskevich E. (BY, standard-manual/)

Karlassare E. (BY, open/major)

Brilenok A. (BY, standard-manual/major)

Gromyko V.A. (BY, open/major)

Squad 2

Brouka M. (BY, open/major)

Sadovskiy Yu.V. (BY, open/major)

Subbotin V.O. (RU, open/major)

Ivanov S.V. (RU, open/major)

Squad 3

Yakutik V. (BY, open/major)

Sviryd K. (BY, open/major)

Shumski A. (BY, open/major)

Pogudo S.I. (BY, open/major)

Squad 4

Anikin R.B. (RU, open/major)

Kharitonov V.V. (RU, open/major)

Lasevich S. (BY, open/major)

Ziankou S. (BY, open/major)

Kapustin E. (BY, standard/major)

Squad 5

Sianchuk U. (BY, open/)

Kasatkin A.V. (RU, open/major)

Romanov I.A. (RU, open/)

Batanov V.A. (RU, open/)

Shvedov V. (BY, open/major)

Waiting list

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