Plokhoy Santa, Yaroslavl g. Yaroslavl, st. Mendeleeva 4a. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Plokhoy Santa

Level I. Handgun, g. Yaroslavl, st. Mendeleeva 4a, Yaroslavl, Russia

Match dates: from 22.12.2018 to 22.12.2018
Number of stages: 5
Minimum rounds: 100
Number of squads: 1
Shooters per squad: 30
Participation fee: 1000
Ammo cost at the range: 20
Match arranged by: OO "FPSYa" and NOU "DPO USTTs DOSAAF of Russia YaO"
Match director: Kovalskiy Oleg
RM: Bereznikov Vasiliy
SO: Dmitriev Ilya
QM: Belkov Vladimir
Stages design: Butin Andrey
Contacts: , 9201497231

Registration: pay on arrival.
Registration deadline: 21.12.2018

Match description

Match pervogo urovnya to prakticheskoy strelbe from handgun and karabina kalibra 9kh19
Number of stages- 5
Minimalnoe kolichestvo shots - 100
Participation fee- 1000 RUR
Registration- 9.00
Draw- 9.30
Ubeditelnaya prosba ne opazdyvat.

Squad 1

Dmitriev I.V. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Gladyshev A.A. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Marmandyan A.Z. (RU, rifle 9x19/minor)

Bereznikov V.V. (RU, production/minor)

Belkov V.V. (RU, production/minor)

Vetrov S.V. (RU, standard/minor)

Antyukhov V.V. (RU, standard/minor)

Shchipanov A.O. (RU, production/minor)

Chebanets A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Korepin I.S. (RU, production/minor)

Ulitin A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Matvienko D.Yu. (RU, production/minor)

Korsunskiy R.V. (RU, production/minor)

Kamyshnikov A.L. (RU, production/minor)

Syutkin S.S. (RU, production/minor)

Butin A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Pashov A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Flegontov A.A. (RU, production/minor)

Waiting list

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