Sudeyskie kursy, Murmansk Murmansk. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Sudeyskie kursy

Sudeyskie kursy

Level I. Handgun, Murmansk, Murmansk, Russia

Match dates: from 07.12.2018 to 09.12.2018
Number of stages: 1
Minimum rounds: 30
Number of squads: 2
Shooters per squad: 10
Ammo cost at the range: 15 RUR
Match arranged by: RSOO FPS MRMO
Match director: Kulish N.A.
RM: Rozhkov A.A.
SO: Belichenko S.A.
Contacts: , 9021366070
Match webpage: http://Vkontakte

Registration: pay on arrival.
Registration deadline: 01.12.2018

Squad 1

Belichenko A.S. (RU, classic/minor)

Vlasyuk M.Yu. (RU, classic/minor)

Markin S.F. (RU, classic/minor)

Lebedev Yu.E. (RU, classic/minor)

Drozdov A.V. (RU, classic/minor)

Savelev V.A. (RU, classic/minor)

Squad 2

Kuznetsova E.A. (RU, production/minor)

Korenskiy D.E. (RU, production/minor)

Leontev V.L. (RU, production/minor)

Kulish N.A. (RU, production/minor)

Belichenko S.A. (RU, production/minor)

Zelenskiy D.A. (RU, production/minor)

Chesnokov P.G. (RU, production/minor)

Panov I.A. (RU, production/minor)

Waiting list

Blinov A.V. (RU, production/minor)

Urdenko O.M. (RU, production/minor)

Novozhenov N.V. (RU, production/minor)

Andreychenko I.A. (RU, classic/minor)

Marar N.N. (RU, classic/minor)

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