TPSC Training Match 96, NPK Shooting Range, Turu plats 3, Nomme, Tallinn. Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

TPSC Training Match 96

Level I. Handgun, NPK Shooting Range, Turu plats 3, Nomme, Tallinn, Estonia

Match dates: from 01.12.2018 to 02.12.2018
Number of stages: 3
Minimum rounds: 68
Number of squads: 10
Shooters per squad: 8
Participation fee: 15
Match arranged by: MTU TPSC
Contacts: , +37253459917
Match webpage:

Registration: shooter can choose any squad with empty slots, but slot reservation will be done only after request approval from match organizers.
Registration deadline: 28.11.2018

Match finished 02.12.2018

match results


Squad 1

Belavin A. (EE, production/minor)

Demahhin G.V. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 2

Toropov P. (EE, production/minor)

Zeltser R. (EE, production/minor)

Jegorov S. (EE, standard/minor)

Marmor N. (EE, standard/minor)

Miina V. (EE, standard/minor)

Squad 3

Jeletski A. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 4

Braun R. (EE, production/minor)

Feldman V. (EE, production/minor)

Oismaa R. (EE, standard/minor)

Squad 5

Parik R. (EE, production/minor)

Serenok A.A. (EE, production/minor)

Petrov Y. (EE, production optics/minor)

Squad 6

Sosaar S. (EE, production/minor)

Sosaar A.V. (EE, standard/minor)

Squad 7

Nikitin S. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 8

Squad 9

Squad 10

Waiting list

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