Viking Open 2018, Tallinn . Briefings, registration na match. Match to prakticheskoy strelbe (IPSC)

Viking Open 2018

Viking Open 2018

Level III. Handgun, Tallinn, Estonia

Match dates: from 08.12.2018 to 10.12.2018
Number of stages: 12
Minimum rounds: 200
Number of squads: 25
Shooters per squad: 1
Participation fee: 75 EUR
Match arranged by: Andy Noormets
Match director: Andy Noormets
RM: Lauri Abel
SO: Dmitri Udras
Contacts: , +372 56266546
Match webpage:

Registration: shooter can choose any squad with empty slots, but slot reservation will be done only after request approval from match organizers.
Registration deadline: 28.11.2018

Match finished 10.12.2018

match results

Match description

Viking Open 2018
Indoor match !
RPC is restoring their Level III competion !!!
Previous Viking Open was done in 2013.

Match will take place in two shooting ranges: 
1. NPK, Turu plats 3, Tallinn
2. Kopli 103, Tallinn.

In one day will be shooted all 12 stages in two shooting ranges within 4 hours.

Payment deadline is latest 30.11.2018
Registration fee 75 EUR, starting from 03.12.2018 fee 100 EUR.

Please check your data: squad number, data, division, category, power factor etc.
In case you see any contradictions please contact us by e -mail: [email protected] 
Changes can be done till 04.12.2018
No changes will not be done starting from 05.12.2018

Divisions: Production, Production Optics, Standard, Open, Classic, Revolver.
Categories : Junior, Lady, Senior, Super Senior. 

NOTE: minimum 5 shooters required in each Category for recognition.
If there are insufficient competitors for Super Senior Category to be recognized, all competitors registered in this Category will automatically be transferred to Senior Category

Team registration deadline 04.12.2018.
Team registration fee 50 euros.
Please send information about Team name and Team members to [email protected]


Squad 1

Kuusik A. (EE, standard/minor)

Kikkas O. (EE, production optics/minor)

Squad 2

Squad 3

Squad 4

Kuus K. (EE, production/minor)

Movko S. (EE, production/minor)

Serenok A.A. (EE, production/minor)

Usai U. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 5

Kurg J. (EE, production/minor)

Kurg M. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 6

Sosaar S. (EE, production/minor)

Vilokas K. (EE, production/minor)

Kremm A. (EE, standard/minor)

Sosaar A.V. (EE, standard/minor)

Leetsi L. (EE, classic/minor)

Pai V. (EE, production optics/minor)

Squad 7

Squad 8

Squad 9

Squad 10

Squad 11

Sulemenkov I. (EE, standard/minor)

Trofimov N. (EE, open/major)

Squad 12

Kalme G. (EE, production/minor)

Kidjajev J. (EE, production/minor)

Halgma R. (EE, standard/minor)

Kalme A. (EE, open/minor)

Squad 13

Brodski D. (EE, production/minor)

Leetsaar A. (EE, production/minor)

Abel L. (EE, standard/minor)

Kull M. (EE, standard/minor)

Uuk V. (EE, classic/minor)

Squad 14

Feldman V. (EE, production/minor)

Kleschin E. (EE, standard/major)

Saganov K. (EE, standard/major)

Joe A. (EE, production optics/minor)

Petrov Y. (EE, production optics/minor)

Buratševski G.L. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 15

Jeletski A. (EE, production/minor)

Org N. (EE, production/minor)

Zeltser R. (EE, production/minor)

Kivik-Org E. (EE, standard/minor)

Valge A. (EE, open/major)

Squad 16

Tretjakov J. (EE, production/minor)

Kull J. (EE, standard/minor)

Oismaa R. (EE, standard/minor)

Zubenko A. (EE, open/major)

Squad 17

Kuuse T. (EE, standard/minor)

Noormets A. (EE, standard/minor)

Squad 18

Manniste J. (EE, production/minor)

Uronen H. (FI, open/major)

Squad 19

Squad 20

Squad 21

Kuuskla K. (EE, production/minor)

Tenno T. (EE, production/minor)

Tamme M. (EE, standard/minor)

Udras D. (EE, standard/minor)

Squad 22

Squad 23

Joa V. (EE, production/minor)

Squad 24

Squad 25

Waiting list

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